I love Skype!

I discovered Skype a couple of years ago when my friend from Florida used it to chat with her family living in Michigan. I thought it was so neat that you could video chat with people thousands of miles away and feel as if they were in the next room. I decided I wanted a webcam for my computer last year, so my parents graciously bought me one for my birthday in 2008. When we found out we were pregnant last November, I knew we needed to get my parents a webcam for Christmas so we could skype not only during the pregnancy, but especially once the little one was born. We skyped a good amount throughout the pregnancy, but ever since Riley was born we've skyped just about every week. They love being able to watch him grow...even if it's through a computer screen!

This year is our year to be with Daniel's family for Christmas, so I thought it would be neat for us to skype with my parents when it came time to open our Christmas presents to and from them. Because my husband is like a kid when it comes to Christmas presents AND because we're leaving next Thursday for Arkansas, we decided that tonight was the night! We pulled our presents out from under the tree, and they did the same. One by one we opened the gifts...it was so much fun!

My parents opening their present from Riley - a Shutterfly book of his first 3 months in the world. Riley doesn't know he gave this to them, but he will one day. :)

Daniel loves remote controlled anything. My parents got him a remote controlled car that flips over and bounces back when it hits things. The intention was for him to share it with Riley when Riley gets old enough...we'll see if that happens. :)

I was SO excited about my big gift! I have been wanting an electric griddle for a long time now. I guess I mentioned it in passing to my dad once, and he remembered! Thank you so much, mom and dad!!! Pancakes, here we come!

Riley has gifts to open, too, but he was already in bed when we decided to open ours. Thanks to skype, my parents will be able to watch him open them on Monday night! I don't know who invented skype, but I sure am thankful!!!

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  1. I LOVE Skype too! When Greg and I were in Latvia this summer, we got to talk with both our families. It was so great to be in an whole different country and still be able to see my nieces and nephew!