I want cake!

Riley attended his first birthday party this past Saturday. Our friends from church, the Nease's, invited us to celebrate with both of their children. Austyn turned 3 in November and Bennett turns 1 on Dec. 9. We had a great time hanging out with friends, but I wish you could have seen Riley staring down the cake table! If he's anything like either of his parents, he's going to LOVE sweets! Not yet, though!! :)

Blowing out the candles. Amanda made the ice cream cone cupcakes and lion cake. They were both delicious and so fun to look at!

Cole and Riley. If only you could see what he was staring at...that's right, the cake table!

All of the kiddos enjoying their treats

Literally drooling with envy :)

Family shot before heading home and giving him his food...yay for Enfamil!

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