Mohawk Man

When Riley was first born, he came out with a little bit of dark hair, but not a whole lot. Over the course of a few weeks, he lost all of it except the very back, so we called him our old man. :) Hair started growing back in all over, but just recently a large patch of dark wavy hair has grown on top of his head just in the middle. Yes, our son has a natural mohawk! Because you know I love snapping shots of the adorable one, here's the proof...

"Yeah, I'm cool!"

"Hello up there!"

Look at the wavy mohawk! I wonder which side of the family that comes from...

We decided to see what it would do after his bath last night...let's just say it still looked like that this morning when I went to wake him up! Oh Riley, I'm afraid you're going to take after your mama in the hair department! :)

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