Baby + Electronics = Love

I'm not sure if this is normal (being that Riley is our first child), but our son has an enormous love for anything electronic. Today, for instance, he was sitting on the couch with me and across from us on the coffee table was 2 remote controls and my cell phone. He was literally drooling as he looked at them! I could see it in his eyes..."If I could just hold all 3 of those at one time, I would be in heaven." Now, I doubt that a 10-month-old knows what heaven is, but in his little mind, holding 3 electronics at once would be pure bliss! Here are a couple examples of his excitement when he's around a cell phone (1st video) and a camera (2nd video).

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  1. I think it's normal for kids these days. My nephew gets excited at even the small electronics - like my watch! Ha.

    By the way, Riley is getting so big!