Summer Days

I am currently sitting on our back porch (where we do get internet...not inside the house, yet, but one day, I am sure of it!) sweating and watching our son play in his new favorite toy...

Summer has most definitely arrived in East Texas, and I am asking the Lord, again, why he couldn't send us to a cooler climate?! Besides 6 years in Maryland, the other 25 years of my life have been spent in hot, humid places. I'm not asking for Alaska or anything, but a little farther north would be nice! Oh well...since this IS where the Lord has called us, we may as well spend the hot days in cold water! This is the only pool we have, but several church members have larger pools and offered for us to come swim...we definitely plan to take them up on their offers!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some video of the little man playing in his pool...

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