A boy and his dog

Ever since I became Mrs. Bramlett, I've heard from my husband, "Oh, I can't wait for the day when we'll live somewhere that we can have a dog." I'm not a huge dog person, so I'd usually just smile and go on about my business. Then, once we had a little boy, it became, "Laura, every little boy needs a dog. We've got to get Riley a dog." Hmm...we've got to get little boy Riley a dog, or little boy Daniel a dog?! So last spring I caved in and we bought a brother and sister - Molly and McCoy. Long story short, they didn't work out so well with our family so we got rid of them.

Fast forward to this past Friday. Daniel had been researching online for several days looking for "good" house dogs in our area that needed a home. Friday he found a cocker spaniel puppy in Marshall (about 45 minutes away). "Laura, let's just go look (famous last words, right?!)." So, we loaded up the car and headed to Marshall. I was so tired from being a mommy of an infant that I begged to stop on the way out of town and get a dr. pepper. You need to understand that I don't ever drink sodas. However, a few times since Ella's been born, my body has NEEDED a pick-me-up, and a soda seems to do the trick. Friday was one of "those" days. So keep in mind later in the story that I was severely sleep-deprived. :) Anyway, we made it to Marshall (both kiddos napped on the way...how wonderful!) and went in to see this puppy. 30 minutes later we were walking out with an 8-week-old cocker spaniel. Yes, that's right...my daughter and my dog are the same age. Am I absolutely crazy??? Yes, I believe I am. Or wait, remember I said earlier how sleep deprived I was? I think that played a major role in my lack of discernment.

So, I am now a mother of 3...Riley, Ella and Mac. What a crazy week it has been! I think know once this pup learns where he should and shouldn't relieve himself life will get much better. Until then, though, it's a bit hectic around the Bramlett house. But, both of my boys got their dog, so all is well with the world.

Daniel was convinced we could take Mac into WalMart with us right after we got him...the Greeter thought otherwise, so Ella & I got to shop while the boys played outside.

Ignore our son's fashion statement - at home we go for comfort over looks :)

His cuteness helps his cause when I'm cleaning up the mess he's made on the kitchen floor!

Lazy Saturday morning

He adores Daniel and Riley

Right before this picture was taken, Daniel said, "I mean, this is just the perfect dog!"

A boy and his dog...

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