They love each other

When we found out we were pregnant with Ella, I immediately began praying about Riley and his sibling's (didn't know it was a girl at the time!) relationship. I did not want there to be any jealousy or ill-feelings between the two. I prayed over and over that Riley would love his little brother/sister with his whole heart and be thankful he/she was added to our family. When we found out the baby in my belly would be named Ella, my prayers became even more specific and focused. I prayed that he would be a protective big brother and love on his sister every chance he got. I prayed he would know just how much Daniel and I loved him, and that we weren't trying to replace him by bringing another child into the family. I prayed that he would never look at me and say, "When can we take her back?!" :)

All I can say is that God is faithful and He answered all of those prayers! Riley absolutely adores his sister. It is the most precious thing to watch the two of them interact. He loves to help me feed and burp her. I think he'd try and change her diaper if I'd let him! If she begins to cry, he's the first one at her side saying, "It's ok, Ella!" The other day I was getting ready for church when Ella began to cry while sitting in her baby papasan chair. Riley walked over to her, knelt down and said, "It's ok, Ella! Nothing is going to hurt you!" Talk about melting a mama's heart! He's so sweet with her now, and I can't wait to see how their friendship grows in the next couple of years. I think they're going to have so much fun together once she starts walking and talking (if he'll let her get a word in!).

Here's a timeline in pictures of the sweet brother/sister love going on in our house...

1st time holding his sister

Helping Grandma burp Ella

Pushing the swing for her

Chatting on the floor

One morning I was getting ready in the bathroom beside Ella's room. I walked into her room to find Riley laying beside her on the bed.

Feeling safe beside big brother

Fun times on the playmat

Riley serenading Ella with his guitar. Pretty sure the song of choice was "Jesus Loves Me."

So very thankful for the blessing of raising these two precious children!

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  1. Oh Laura, this just melted my heart! I love your babies - I'll still think of Riley as a baby for right now since he still was one the last time I saw him! :) Can't wait to meet little Ella and see big, protective Riley again! Love y'all tons!