Mohawk Mama

Apparently we make babies with mohawks. I was looking back on previous posts the other day and found this one. I didn't remember Riley having a mohawk, but he did and now we have a daughter to add to the mohawk clan. Thankfully, the rest of his hair grew out, and I'm trusting hers will do the same!

You can already see some hair growing out around the mohawk...yay!

Big brother helping point it out

We also have babies who are ridiculously attached to their umbilical cords. I guess the cords are super thick and securely fastened because Riley didn't lose his until he was 5 weeks old and Ella STILL has hers at 6.5 weeks (no worries...I didn't take any pictures of this. I hate the sight of it, so I certainly didn't feel the need to subject you all to it!). Riley's pediatrician at the time told us not to put alcohol on it to dry it out because it really wouldn't make a difference. After waiting 5 long weeks for it to fall off, I vowed that if I ever had another child, I would douse the cord with alcohol! I have been cleaning Ella's like crazy and it obviously has not made a difference. At her 1-month check-up the Dr. told us the longest he's seen one stay on was 3 months. Oh please, Ella, let's not attempt to break the record! I'm all about having a unique child, but don't really care to win the Guinness Book of World Records for longest time an umbilical cord is attached! I'll keep you updated on if we'll be in the next book. :)

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