Riley doesn't get to see his cousins very often. Our nephew lives in Maryland, so the last time we saw him was (I hate even admitting this) March 2010. Daniel's cousins live in Arkansas, California, Virginia, and Singapore, so needless to say, we don't see them very often, either. But, for the past 2 years we've been able to see Daniel's cousin, Hannah, at least once a year. Riley absolutely adores Hannah. She's 12 now, and every time they've been together they have had the best time. He talks about her all throughout the year. The only problem with Hannah is that she lives literally on the other side of the world in Singapore. Her father (Daniel's uncle) is the Minister of Music at the International Baptist Church in Singapore. When they make their way back to the U.S., we definitely make it a priority to try and get together.

Here are Riley and Hannah the first time they met in June 2010 (Riley was 11 months)

Buddies from the start 

 That year we were able to see them twice - June and July!

Here they are in July 2011 walking the streets of Jefferson together

I included this one just because I think he's so stinkin' cute!

Extra special treat last year - they (Uncle Alan and Hannah) came to church with us and Uncle Alan sang a solo!

Hannah reading to Riley before having to say goodbye for another year

We knew they were coming to the U.S. this summer, but we didn't think we'd get to see them until mid-July. Last night we found out they were going to be able to stop by for a visit today! I chose not to tell Riley because he's at the age where he asks every 5 seconds "if it's time yet." I knew if I told him last night that Hannah would be here today, he would: a) most likely not sleep and b) ask me all Saturday morning (they were coming at noon) if Hannah was here yet. With the week I've had, I just couldn't handle that. :) So, I decided to let it be a surprise. And a surprise it was! In fact, the first few minutes he had his head buried in my shoulder and refused to let me put him down. Once he warmed up, though, he was good to go!

Playing 'catch' with Hannah

We took them to the church to show them the remodeling that's going on. Here's Uncle Alan teaching Riley how far away Singapore and Texas are. (Riley used to think Singapore was just another state. He told me all the time that he was going to "Singapore State to visit Hannah." :)

Such a sweet family (and just so you know, they do have 2 older children! Austin and Emily live in Arkansas and Virginia, respectively)

Reunited and it feels so good...

Group shot!

Riley's in the zone

Hopefully we'll get to see them again before they head back to Singapore at the end of July!

Until then, though, I will hear over and over how much Riley loves Hannah and what a great time he had with her. :) I almost offered for her to move in with us, but I figured her parents might miss her. Maybe one of these days she'll be able to come for an extended stay and then Riley will really be in heaven!

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