My kids are a bit on the slow side when it comes to reaching "baby milestones." And to be honest, I'm completely okay with that! In my eyes, the more time it takes to mobility, the better! Riley was 6.5 months when he began sitting up on his own. He was almost 10 months the first time he crawled, and he was about 14.5 months when he began walking.

Ella seems to be following in her brother's footsteps, so far. She's almost 6.5 months and we're still working on sitting up unassisted.

 The boppy pillow...what a great invention!

Sometimes she gets a little wild, though, and begins to lose her balance. Notice the left leg in the air :)

Rocking to the other side!

And back to the right

there goes that left leg again!

Mama, this is hard work!

And here she is at the end of the practice getting a little tired of all the fun

Love my kiddos and thankful for the pace in which they grow and change. Because He created them, it happens at just the right time!

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