#960 - 17 month old

17 months with her

On Friday this sweet girl turned 17 months! Friday afternoon I volunteered at one of the booths at Wildflower Trails (an annual festival we have in our small town), and I was telling the guy I was working with about our children. I told him that Ella was our sweet surprise baby and that I was so thankful the Lord knew she needed to be in our family. And then this morning (Sunday) her daddy preached about the sovereignty of God. Our plan was to adopt after Riley, but our sovereign God's plan was so much better! I can't imagine the Bramlett family without this spunky one!

And guess what?? On her 17-month birthday, Ella Grace took her first steps unassisted! At first it was just 2 steps, but before the night was over, she took 4 steps in a row! It looks like walking is not too far away for this girl!

Like I said, Ella is our girl full of spunk! Some might term it "drama," or "strong-will" but I'm choosing to look for the positive and appreciate the lively personality she's been given. However, I'm not naive enough to say that this one's not going to give us a run for our money! I think maybe that's why the Lord has held her off on walking for so long. :) He knows when she does begin, she'll be gone!

Even with all the drama spunk, she is such a sweet, loving girl. She kisses me at least 100 times a day. She loves to cuddle in the mornings after her first cup of milk. She hugs her brother all the time (well, almost all the time - that is, when she's not hitting him). She loves to blow kisses to people when she tells them goodbye. She hugs and cuddles with her stuffed animals and baby dolls. She even kissed my shoe the other day (sounds gross, I know, but she's just a kisser!). It's obvious she has a big heart, and I pray constantly that the Lord will get ahold of that heart, redeem her, and then use her big heart for His glory! I believe with everything in me that He will!

Ella Grace, I love you to the moon and back! You are a priceless gift, and it is such an honor to be your mommy!

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