#958 - Bikes

Family Bike Rides

Tonight we had our first (of many, hopefully!) family bike ride. We are blessed with a big parking lot in our backyard. :) Our dog, Mac, even joined in the fun!

Ella absolutely loved riding in her seat! Any time Daniel would stop for some reason she would whine for him to keep going. I'm convinced this child is afraid of nothing (well, besides dogs licking her and mama getting too far out of her site).

Riley almost gave me a heart attack a couple of times. He would start going really fast and then have no clue how to put on the brakes. So, he'd just stick his legs out (as you can see below) and hang on for the ride...even if he was headed straight for the church bus, sidewalk, a pole, etc. We had several lessons in "putting on the brakes."

This is one of those times when she was ready to get moving again (see her little hand pointing to the seat?). Poor girl's got crazy hair like her mama.

I got a chance to escort Ella around, too!

Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful night to enjoy with my family!

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