#963 - 3 simple words

I love you

Tonight Daniel and Riley were in the backyard mowing (well, one was mowing and the other was pretending to mow) while Ella and I sat in the nice air conditioned room and watched through a glass door. At one point, Riley walked up to the door, looked at me and said, "I love you!" Melt. my. heart!

Ella is definitely the more affectionate of the two, but just within the past week Riley has begun saying "I love you" on his own accord. It used to be that I'd say, "I love you, buddy!" and he would respond with, "I do too!" But now, he often initiates it. I've always heard that hearing your child tell you they love you is priceless, and now that I've experienced it, I can definitely say I agree!

I love you, too, Riley Whitlow Bramlett! Always and forever!

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