#934 - Daddy Days

Pump it Up & CFA

Summers are so busy for us. I remember when we moved here 3.5 years ago I thought things would slow down some during the summer months. And then our first summer hit. Boy, was I wrong! It was as if our calendar was twice as full as all of the other months. And every year has proven to be the same. This summer has been even more busy because we've been without a youth minister. Daniel has taken on a lot of the youth leadership roles as well as his normal pastoral duties. (Hopefully this will change after this weekend, though, as we have an awesome family coming in view-of-a-call for the youth minister position) So when he told me at the beginning of the week that he was taking off on Friday since he'd be working the entire weekend, I got excited! 

We headed to Longview as a family and enjoyed releasing energy at Pump it Up and then a delicious lunch at one of our favorites, Chick-fil-A. Too bad we didn't know it was Cow Appreciation Day until we got there!

Both kiddos had a blast with their daddy!

And their Daddy had a blast acting like a kiddo!

Eat Mor Chikin!

And then 2 out of the 4 of us conked out on the way home

We are very thankful for a day when we can be together as a family and enjoy playing and resting. A much needed calm in the midst of various storms!

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