#935 - July 4th & 5th

Family Time!

Daniel has an aunt and uncle who serve at the International Baptist Church in Singapore. Every summer they come home for a visit, and the past few years we've gotten to spend 4th of July with them - so much fun! This year they were staying just an hour away at Holly Lake Ranch so we headed that way on the 4th for a cookout and family fun.

This is how Riley sat for the first 30 minutes...he's going through some phase in which he gets embarrassed very easily.

And then there was Miss Priss who was all smiles and ready to play with her cousins

They may look alike, but their personalities are quite different!

3 generations...not sure why Daniel's smiling like that :)
What's a family gathering without an ipad?!

Ella quickly found her favorite - Emily. Riley has always gravitated toward Hannah (the one beside him in the picture above), and the past 2 years Ella has immediately wanted Emily.

Sweet little curly cue! Love her!

Emily is getting ready to graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, so on Friday (the 5th) we went to lunch to celebrate. The restaurant was on Hawkins Lake, and the view was gorgeous!

 Love my family of four, soon to be family of five! And no, I'm not preggo - read my last post if you're wondering how we're growing.

The Singaporean Moore's (Emily & Austin live in the states now, though)

The Matriarch with some of her grands & great-grands
Meanwhile, back at Holly Lake, we enjoyed some outdoor play - I could just eat her up!

And here's my favorite little man

Ella's first putt-putt experience...didn't last too long

It was more of a "let's walk all over the green and pick up everyone's balls" type of game

This little guy got into it, though! We missed him playing the day before, but everyone tells us he scored 3 hole-in-one's!

And for some reason, Holly Lake decided to shoot fireworks on the 5th instead of the 4th...who knows, but we enjoyed them just the same!

Jumping to Daddy

Playing with a sparkler that was left over from our wedding - 5 years ago!

A big shout out to Ya Ya for the pinwheel...it kept us entertained for a long time as we waited for the fireworks!

See what I mean?!

And again!

That's the face that says, "let's get this show started!"
Here they come!

Riley kept saying, "these are SO beautiful!" :)
We're so thankful for the time we had to spend with family we only get to see once a year! We're also thankful for the freedom we have in this country to not only live as we want, but to worship the one TRUE God without fear of what may happen. Without the freedom that comes from Him, we are nothing!

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