#923 - Library fun

Preschool Story Time

In our small town of about 1,800 we have a public library. How awesome is that?! Several of our church members and other ladies in the community worked very hard to see their dream of having a library become a reality! It's been open for about 3 years now.
Every Tuesday morning at 10:15, Preschool Story Time occurs, and on most Tuesdays you will find my Riley-man there. Last year a sweet friend from church took him for me because Ella was still taking 2 naps a day, and 10:15 fell right in the middle of her morning nap. Over the summer she dropped that nap, so now she and I are able to take him. Today was our first time to do this, and the jury is still out as to whether it's a good idea for little miss to tag along. :) Thankfully, we were the only ones who came today, so it wasn't that big of a deal that she was a busy-body walking around the entire time, trying to steal the sweet lady's supplies as she read a story. 

Riley quietly listens to the story as Ella makes her rounds. I forgot to mention above that the table was just the right height for her to climb on it and crawl around. I tried to stop her at first and then realized it wasn't a hill I was ready to die on. Crawl away, little girl, crawl away!

She did participate in the activity after the story...learning all about the letter A! And she was all about getting a crayon in her hand and coloring all over her paper. Exact opposite of her brother, by the way, who has never cared much for coloring.

Fun times at the library! We'll see how next week goes!

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