#925 - Friday Night Lights!

Mustang Football

If you have never lived in a small town, and especially a Northeast TEXAS small town, you probably have not experienced the excitement that comes with Friday nights in the fall. I grew up in a large city where there were 10+ high schools, so football on Friday nights was a fun outing, but not something the entire city took part in. In Hughes Springs, the football stadium is the place to be when school starts! And even though we do not currently have a Mustang student in the house, we are still huge fans of our boys!

So in the 100-degree heat (at 7 p.m., I might add) this past Friday night, we headed to watch the Mustangs take on the Clarksville Tigers.

Here's Marty the Mustang with our new youth minister's two sons, Brad & Colt (on the left). The little boy on the right is one of our church members, Trenton. I tried to get Riley in the picture, too, but he wasn't too keen on getting close to Marty. I can't say I blame him - I was always a bit freaked out by people dressed as animals, too.

And here's Ella's first crush, Caden. He's a 5th grader and the head coach's oldest son. He is SO good with little ones, and Ella has become obsessed with him. :)

Here come the Mustangs! I was a little late in taking the picture, but the sign they ran through said, "Hey Jack, We're Back!" And boy were they back! They scored the first touchdown in the 3rd play of the game, and the final score was 54 to 21! What a way to begin the season!

Can you say focused?!

Love my little future Mustang! He can't wait to be running on that field!

And Ella's already decided she wants this job when she gets older. As we were driving onto the school property, she saw the cheerleaders on the track and she started saying, "Cheer! Cheer!" And then when we were sitting in the stands she kept trying to go down with them. She would say, "Flip! Flip!" meaning she wanted to go do a flip! 

Love this sweet future cheerleader, as well!

I'm thankful for fun family times we can enjoy in our small town!

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  1. So many great memories at that stadium! So fun and glad that Riley and Ella love it too!