#899 - Love for Learning

Riley loves kindergarten! It hasn't always been this way. The first day of school last August, he came home and said, "It wasn't what I expected. I don't think I'll go back tomorrow." Poor guy...he learned real quickly that's not how it works out in the real world. It took him about a month, or so, and he adjusted to his new normal and began enjoying life as a 5-day-a-week school attendee. 

Last week he came home with the biggest smile on his face. "Mom! Guess what?" (First, let me just say it still saddens me a bit that my baby no longer calls me Mama) So I replied, "What, buddy??" "I'm an AR reader!" AR stands for Accelerated Reader, and apparently it's a pretty big deal for kindergartners to be on the AR level. He then proudly showed me his certificate. Daniel and I are so proud of this little guy! He loves school and is quite the conscientious one. I pray he will always enjoy learning!

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