#900 - Gift that keeps on giving

New Years Day, 2015, the Baylor Bears were scheduled to play in the Cotton Bowl. I wanted to be there. You see, when I was a Baylor student, we were excited if we just won one game a season. We never dreamed of going to a bowl game! The Cotton Bowl is a short 2.5 hours drive down I-30 from us, so as soon as I heard they'd be playing there, I knew I needed (ok, wanted) to go. I very clearly hinted toward what a great Christmas gift the tickets would be. So, when December 25 came and it was my turn to open my gift from my hubby, I just knew that heavy box of whatever he was handing me was just a decoy. I tore into it to find a large container of Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix. One look at his proud, look-what-I-got-you face, and I knew there was no need to continue digging in the box. This man knows how much I love chocolate (I'm confident it will be in Heaven), and he thoughtfully researched to find the best bang for his buck. At first, I was a bit surprised he would even want to spend his money on hot chocolate for me, but as I went in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and made myself a cup (on February 3), I couldn't help but be thankful once again for this delicious gift that just keeps on giving!
P. S. I still love my Bears, but as you probably know, they lost the Cotton Bowl. Again, I'm thankful for my hot chocolate :)

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