#898 - Date nights with them

Last night Daniel took Ella on a date, and thanks to our wonderful helper, Halie, I was able to take Riley on a date at the same time.

Ella went with her daddy to our town's annual Father/Daughter Valentine dance. When I told her they were going she was SO excited! She couldn't wait to put on her beautiful dress. She was so giddy when I told her it was time to get ready. We made sure Daddy did not see her until just the right time. And Daddy made the night extra special by picking Ella up at the front door - with a rose in hand. Ella was too cute..."Thank you for my rose, Daddy!" And off they went to dance the night away!
Once we said goodbye to them, Riley and I got ready to go to the 2nd annual Mother/Son Valentine Dinner at the church. My sweet date and I had a great time. At one point he climbed up in my lap and just sat there for the longest time. How much longer will that happen?? Not much, I'm sure. How thankful I am for our loving and kind boy!

Such a fun night celebrating our love for one another that's only possible because HE first loved us!

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