Come on, CJ!

So apparently our nephew is so comfy and content in his mother's womb that he does not want to grace the world with his presence! CJ (Michael Chad Henage, Jr.) was due to appear Wednesday, and since nothing was happening with my sister-in-law's body, they decided to begin inducing last night. As of noon today, CJ was still right where he wanted to be. He's already showing signs of being a Henage...stubbornness! We are known for being stubborn, and I sure hope this isn't the beginning of another stubborn Henage man! :)
I prayed and prayed that CJ would come while Daniel and I were in Maryland celebrating the holidays, but no such luck. This is definitely a time when I HATE being so far from family! I've always been the type of person that wanted to be right in the middle of all the excitement, and this is certainly no different. I want to be sitting in the waiting room when Chad comes out to announce his healthy son was just born! I want to hold my favorite nephew (yeah, he's the only one I have so far...) just minutes after he let out his first cry! I want to take my own pictures of the new family! Oh well...just my selfishness speaking. All that really matters is that Jill has a healthy delivery with no complications. The days will soon come when CJ and Baby Bean can play together while proud parents and aunts and uncles watch with smiles. Those will be special times, and I can't WAIT for them to arrive!

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