This was one of my fears with starting a blog...waiting several weeks between posts. I mean, there's no law in blog-land as to how often you have to write, but it drives me nuts when friends wait months and months to update their blogs. I don't want to be one of "those."

Anyway, I find myself in a very covetous mood today. I'm jealous of all those around the country who are staring out their windows at a winter wonderland. Why isn't it enough that we, in SOUTH LOUISIANA, received snow in early December? Why can't I just be thankful for that and move on? Because we always want what we can't have! I'm also quite jealous of those in Maryland who have spent many minutes and hours holding my nephew! I see pictures, and I just want to be there too! HOWEVER, just this past week I booked a flight to Maryland to meet (and hold for hours!) baby CJ. I'll leave New Orleans on March 20 and spend the weekend with family...what a fun birthday present...thanks, Mom and Dad! And then the final point of jealousy...for today...why am I still feeling sick when (as of today!) the first trimester is over?! So many other women I've talked to (in an attempt to comfort me) have told me their stories of when their sickness ended...11 weeks and 2 days, 12 weeks on the money, etc. I mean, I know it could be much worse...however, I just want some relief. Okay--enough complaining for today.
Anyone interested in what type of fruit is inside me this week? The fun thing about a blog is even if you just answered "no," I can still post a picture because I can't hear you and it's my blog! :) So, drum roll, please...

Baby Bramlett is a lemon this week! I'm not really starting to show, yet, but I can definitely tell a difference in how my clothes fit...a bit of an awkward time in pregnancy! :)

Sorry this entry wasn't more uplifting and inspiring. Some days are just better than others, you know?! How thankful I am that the Lord's mercies are new EVERY morning! I pray His blessings and mercies on all of you today!


  1. I remember that in between stage of when my clothes didn't fit right but I was not ready for maternity clothes...that's why they make clothes with elastic waists!! Anyway, I LOVE your blog, I don't think I have commented on it yet, but it's really cute!! I hope all is well and know that you are being lifted up in prayer! I love you!

  2. cool blog! i didn't even know you guys had one, until i saw an incoming link from it. i'm adding it to my google reader now!