Since becoming pregnant, I've learned that in the medical world, particularly the prenatal world, timelines are not quite the same as they are in the rest of the working world. For instance, if a university is on a trimester system, instead of semester, there will be three periods of 12 weeks each when students take courses. Silly me thought a pregnancy, which supposedly is divided into 3 trimesters, would work in a similar fashion. I even found this definition on dictionary.com that supported my thinking...

1. a period of three months; especially one of the three three-month periods into which human pregnancy is divided

I mean, I knew before getting pregnant that saying "9 months" is really a lie because one's due date is based on 40 weeks, which is technically 10 months, but for some reason I still thought the trimesters would be 3 months each...I don't know what kind of math I was doing at the time. :) All I know is that I was shocked this past Monday when the doctor nonchalantly mentioned that the first trimester would be over when I hit 14 weeks and I should definitely feel better by then. 14 WEEKS??? I've had the 12 week mark highlighted in my mental calendar as saying, "Morning sickness will end!" I'm 12 1/2 weeks now and it's obvious I'm still in that first trimester...if you know what I mean! Don't get me wrong, I know B.B. is going to be worth every bit of the nausea, weird dreams, constant hunger, exhaustion, etc. I'm just really ready to feel like myself again! And I think it's safe to speak for Daniel on this one...he's ready too! Thankfully, though, the sickness does remind me that all is well with B.B. In fact, according to babycenter.com, he is currently the size of a lime! Each week I receive an email from them updating me on the developments of the baby and comparing his/her size to some sort of fruit. I can't wait until next Wednesday when I will get an update and find out the newest produce growing inside me. For now, though, all this talk about fruit has gotten me hungry...plus it's been 30 minutes since my last snack...apple time!


  1. Your too cute! I am love hearing about how you are becoming a mommy!!!

  2. This was so fun to read. I LOVE your blog and I'm so glad I can keep up with you guys this way. Of course, you know that I'll miss almost a whole "trimester" while I'm in the jungle!! I will have to play catch up! :)
    Love you so, so, so much amiga!