Happy Hiccuping!

Is "hiccuping" a word? I'm not real sure about that, but hopefully there won't be any grammar police officers reading this. :) This morning Daniel and I went for our 12 week appointment. Technically, I won't be 12 weeks until Wednesday, but Mondays are the days my doctor sees patients so there ya go. We actually saw the Nurse Practitioner this time, and I really liked her! She attempted to hear Baby Bean's heartbeat with a small, hand-held ultrasound machine, but when she couldn't find it with that she moved us down to the regular ultrasound room. We weren't supposed to have another picture ultrasound until 20 weeks, so this was a real treat! If you remember, my very first post had a picture of B.B. at 7 weeks 5 days. He/She literally looked like a bean. Today, we saw B.B. moving around like crazy! We could see the tiny arms flailing, we heard the strong heartbeat, and the NP even said B.B. had hiccups at that moment. Now mom, if this isn't a child of Laura (Henage), I don't know what would be! For those of you who don't know me as closely as my family, I am the queen of hiccuping (there's that word again!). During my baby dedication when I was just a few weeks old, I hiccuped through the entire ceremony. So we at least know that B.B. will be like it's mother in the hiccup department. Now I'm just wondering if B.B. will have a strong, South Arkansas accent like it's father... :)


  1. My friend, I am honored to follow your blog! And, I think hiccuping is a word cuz it showed up in my dictionary - and you spelled it right. :) You are on a roll, girlie! I'm so glad your baby will be so much like you!
    Love ya and miss ya!