God is good!

I am excited to report that our experience at the Medicaid office was a VERY pleasant one! We got there at 8:15 am and there was no one in the waiting room...good sign! I went to the window and asked for an application. About the same time I finished filling it out, a lady from another office (still working for Medicaid, though) walked in and handed the receptionist some papers. I overheard her say, "We received this fax and the documents are from a lady whose application has not been processed yet but she went ahead and faxed in the proof of identity and pay stubs." I then heard the receptionist say, "Well, that's the lady sitting right there in the waiting room." Yes, they were referring to me! Here's a little insider information...I faxed those documents on January 21st...today is February 6th! Evidently the papers were enjoying sitting in or beside the fax machine because it took them over two weeks to make their way to the correct office! Anyway, the receptionist then found my "lost" application in the computer system, input all of the information and about 15 minutes later, Daniel and I were told we were approved for Medicaid and my cards would be coming in the mail within 10 days. WOOHOO!!!! I love my husband...he looked at the receptionist and said, "Ma'am, can I please hug you?!" There was no bodily contact, but she could definitely tell that we were VERY grateful! The Lord reminded me today that miracles never cease...even in New Orleans!

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