Joke becomes Reality

I was completely joking in my last post when I said, "At this rate, we'll be moved into Lipsey by Wednesday!" However, thanks to my hard working (or as I refer to him, "Nazi mover") husband, we were in fact moved in by Wednesday! I still can't believe it. I mean, it was just a week ago that we found out we were assigned an apartment! We didn't start packing anything until Sunday! But last night, there I was climbing into bed (way too late, I might add) in my spacious 2-bedroom apartment. I don't adapt to quick changes all that well, so it doesn't quite feel like home...but I know once we get settled and everything is in its place I will feel more comfortable. I am just SO thankful for a husband who works his tail off in all that he does. If the moving had been left to me, we would still be packing up our Willingham apartment preparing for the big move. Not with the Nazi mover...all was done in three days! Here are some pics of what I came home (Willingham apt) to yesterday at lunch, and then what I came home (new Lipsey apt) to yesterday afternoon after my doctor's appointment.

What used to be the living room/dining room

What used to be our bedroom

Part of our new living room - not the best picture, but you get an idea

View from the living room to the dining room - they're two separate rooms! woohoo!

1/2 of the kitchen

Other 1/2 of kitchen

I don't have any good shots of the bedroom, baby's room, or bathroom, yet, so those will have to come later.

In baby news...I went for a check-up yesterday and Baby Bean seems to be just fine. I heard the heartbeat on the hand-held monitor the Dr. used and she said it sounded great (around 150 bpm)! This week we've grown to the weight of a turnip...not the most exciting vegetable to be compared to, but it gives you an idea of the size of him/her. Also, I am praising God this week because on Tuesday my Medicaid card came in the mail! The timing was perfect since my doctor's appointment was yesterday! He is SO faithful! We don't deserve a single thing, yet He keeps on blessing.

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 100:4-5

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