Last night after Riley ate, I sat him in one of his new favorite spots...propped up against the Boppy pillow. He looks like such a little man sitting there! Anyway, while hanging out against the boppy, he discovered his left hand. It was the cutest thing! He could not quit staring at it, and he even talked to it some.

It was as if he was thinking, "hmm...what is this? I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow?!" I tried to tell him that he didn't just have one, but two hands, and he gets to keep them for the rest of his life! I absolutely love watching our baby learn and discover new things!

*Side note: I'm sure you've noticed the adorable outfit he has on...take a look at the back! Gotta love Carter's clothes!

Back to discoveries...right before I left for work this morning, I discovered this...

Riley and his great-grandmother taking a nap together. How precious is that?! Riley absolutely loves sleeping on his stomach, but until he can roll over on his own, we don't feel comfortable letting him sleep that way in his crib. So, during the night he sleeps on his side/back, but during the day, it's stomach all the way (and no, I did not intend for that to rhyme!).

I sure am glad it's Friday! I'm ready to spend 2 full days with my little man! He's being dedicated at church on Sunday morning, so this is an extra special weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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