Growing Like a Weed!

We took Riley to his 2-month appointment yesterday. All was well until those sharp, metal things had to go into his leg 3 times! Suffice it to say, he DID NOT enjoy his first experience with shots! I just keep reminding myself he won't remember this when he gets older! I find myself saying those words of comfort a lot lately. :) Anyway, to find out the latest stats on our boy, watch this...

I know I'm completely biased and probably pretty prideful about it, but I can't stand the cuteness of my son! Every day I am amazed when I look at the blessing the Lord gave us! It's safe to say that my heart is completely OVERFLOWING with love for this boy!

I'm realizing that Riley is most definitely a morning person! This morning the electricity was off at our office, so I was surprised with the great blessing of spending the morning with my boy! I took the opportunity while he was playing and in a great mood to video again. Get ready for some more "can't-stand-it" cuteness!

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  1. My little nephew isn't so little anymore!!!!! He is so cute, I can't wait to smooch him!!!!!! Kisses from Auntie Jill xxxooo