He's Yours, Lord

This past Sunday, September 20, was special for two reasons. First, Riley turned 2 months old, but more importantly, Daniel and I publicly dedicated Riley to the Lord. In the Baptist faith, we believe that each individual person must choose for themselves if/when they will give their life to Christ. Because of this, we do not have infant baptism, but what's called "baby dedication." It's a time when the parents and the church agree together to raise the child to know the Lord. Daniel and I cannot force Riley to accept Christ as his Savior, but we can certainly live in such a way that he knows exactly Who Christ is and why His life was so significant. We also recognize that the Lord created Riley and He has a special plan for our son's life. So, on Sunday, we stood before our church family and committed to raise Riley in a Christian home. The church family, in turn, committed to hold us accountable and help in any way possible. We adore our pastor, Chad Gilbert, and he did an excellent job challenging us through Scripture. Riley received his first Bible with his name engraved on it, and some of my good friends came down from Hattiesburg, MS to celebrate with us. It was a great day! Here are some pictures from the special event...

The Bramlett's with Pastor Chad

Our big 2-month old!

I love my family!

Us with Daniel's grandmother, Riley's great-grandmother (GG)

Meeting Renee...he loved her blonde hair!

Meeting Anna

And meeting Kim!

I worked with these three at GA camp in Florida. Anna was actually my camper in 1998...and then came on staff as a counselor...and then we served together 2 years on the administrative staff. Anna and Renee were also bridesmaids in our wedding. So, needless to say, it was VERY special to have these three at Riley's dedication!

Not to change the subject so abruptly, but I had to share with you what Daniel and I witnessed last night...

Ya think he'll be crawling soon?! He's been holding his head up for several weeks now, but usually just bobs it around a little bit above the couch. Last night, though, he held it way up and for several minutes straight! We were speechless! Our little man is growing up! :)

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