Happy Birthday!

Yesterday and today marked two big milestones in the Bramlett household! Riley celebrated his 7-week birthday yesterday, and Daniel turned 29 today! Happy Birthday to my two favorite men!! Last night we had a cookout with some friends to celebrate Labor Day (so Daniel thought) AND Daniel's birthday! Back in the spring, he and I were at one of our favorite grocery stores in the city (Dorignac's) and he saw their homemade fruit tart. He said, "THAT'S what I want for MY birthday this year!" I stored that statement in my memory and made sure the fruit tart was part of our celebration last night. Here's Daniel and Riley blowing out the candles around the fruit tart (we didn't think they'd hold up too well in the tart!).

Daniel's mom came last week and stayed with us for about 6 days. She hadn't seen Riley since he was 2 days old, so needless to say, she was VERY excited about spending time with her first-born grandbaby! The day before she left, his grandmother came back in town to help out as I started back to work full-time this week, so we got a picture of the 4 generations.

We also were able to see one of our dear friends from seminary who is now a missionary in south america! Leah and I were accountability partners for 2 years while here in school, and she left last fall to serve full-time with the IMB in Peru. She came home last week for a short vacation and we got to introduce her to Riley! What a sweet time of reunion and fellowship we had!

Riley experienced several "firsts" last week! He outgrew the bassinet he was sleeping in, so we moved him to his big boy crib. I was a bit sad, I'll admit, to realize how quickly my baby is growing!

He also slept through the night for the first time last Friday at 6 weeks and 5 days! We were SO proud of him! We put him down at 10:00 pm and he slept until 5:30 am! It's amazing to watch him grow day-by-day. He's such a sweet boy, and I love how his personality is developing as the days go by. We love our little man more than we ever dreamed possible! It's just about time to give him his bedtime bottle, so I better close for now. Let me leave you with one more "face of Riley Bramlett"...

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