Mega Blocks

The kids and I are sick. Blah. Riley left the house yesterday morning for about an hour to go to story-time at the library, but Ella and I have been in this house since Sunday night. Blah. So, today I choose to be thankful (being thankful is SUCH a choice!) for Mega Blocks. Why? Because they provided some fun and entertainment for Riley and me this morning while Ella napped. 

 After making the typical 'tower,' we decided it was time for something a little more exciting. So, we separated them by color and built towers to see which color would make the largest tower. In my type-A mind, I thought the makers of the blocks would have divided the colors evenly. But no. You can see below that blue was clearly the favored color...which is fine by me - it's my favorite!

And then, I looked on the bag to see if they gave any suggestions as to what to build, and I saw a picture of some 'bowling pins' being knocked over by a ball. Genius! We then proceeded to 'bowl' for a good 10 minutes. :)

First time ever to bowl

Getting the hang of it!


And then, my train-loving boy had to build an engine with cars following behind. As I've said before, I love his imagination!

I'm thankful for sweet times with my boy - even if they do involve runny noses and constant indoor play!

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