The Bramlett's & The Zoo

We didn't find out until Wednesday of this past week that the church office was supposed to be closed on MLK day (ie. Daniel would have a day off). So, Daniel decided to take Friday off since he worked on Monday! Normally when he's off, we hang around the house and he and Riley work on "projects." Kudos to my hubby for suggesting a family day at the zoo for this day off! It was his first time to this zoo (the kids and I came with my parents last year while Daniel was in Peru), and he was very impressed! We all had a blast!

As you can see, Ella was very excited about the animals! I really wasn't sure how she'd respond to them, but she loved each exhibit! She was blowing kisses like crazy!

Riley and this penguin had a good time together. He definitely put on a show for us while all of the other penguins were hanging out together on the shore ignoring the people staring at them.

Talking with daddy about the African animals they see

And of course, this is Riley's favorite part of the entire zoo. Like father, like son!

It's pretty hilarious what can happen when attempting a self-taken family photo with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old!

Thank you, Lord, for family days!

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