Finding Size 11 Shoes

As you saw above the picture, I wear a size 11 shoe. I didn't used to. I used to be a solid 10. And then I got pregnant with my first child. Apparently the feet decided to grow and now my toes just about bust out of a 10. If you've never looked for women's size 11 shoes, you probably don't realize the difficulty one might have in finding the boats (as my 5'4'' best friend used to refer to my shoes). I have been searching for weeks for shoes that a) fit, b) don't cost an arm and a leg and c) look halfway decent. Now, I've never been one for hot pink things, but as I said, with a foot as large as mine, you just can't be picky. So, yesterday morning, while I was by myself on a shopping trip (another HUGE blessing in itself! Shout out to the hubby for watching the kiddos!) I found these and just about kissed the sales lady when she said I only had to pay $8 (originally $75) - thanks to a coupon and gift card! They are SO comfortable, look halfway decent and cost very little! I'm so thankful for my new shoes! Now I'm ready for a sunny day so the kids and I can get out for a long walk!

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