Warm, sunny days in the middle of January!

Daniel had a lunch meeting yesterday, and with it being sunny and in the 70's, I knew we had to take advantage of the beautiful day. So, we packed up some food and headed to the church playground (directly behind our backyard) for a picnic and some burning off of a certain 3-year-old's energy!

Riley had food in his mouth right at this moment. My boy loves a good picnic, and he was SO excited to be wearing a short-sleeve shirt!

She wants to play on the playground so badly! I keep telling her if she'll just start walking she can get with it like brother! One day...

Little sis was jealous that big bro was climbing and she couldn't

 And what a climber he is!

As he was sliding down, he said, "Mama, the reason I come down the slide is because of gravity." Yes, 3-year-old, you are exactly right. Next week he'll be teaching me about the physics of sliding. :)

And as Riley said over and over yesterday, "Thank you, God, for such a warm, beautiful day!" What a breath of fresh air (no pun intended!) in the middle of winter!

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