4 in one day! See, I told you there would be no rhyme or reason to my posting! :) I'm finding so many things to be thankful for - it's hard not to post.

Sweet Kisses!
 Riley just recently learned how to kiss. I'm pretty sure Ella came out of the womb kissing things. :) Seriously, though, in the past month or two she has really become quite the kisser. Every morning when I get her out of bed and lay her on the changing table, she grabs my arm (as I'm trying to change her diaper), pulls it down to her mouth and kisses it several times. Tonight before bed, we were snuggling on the couch when she pulled my face towards her and started kissing my cheeks over and over. It is the most precious thing! She kisses her brother, her daddy, pictures of animals in books, her stuffed animals, her baby dolls, her own feet (?), the rubber frog she plays with in the bathtub, and the list goes on. I was watching her this morning kiss something, and I thought, I really need to pray about her love for kissing. I mean, I'm thankful she's such an affectionate, loving girl, but I'm hoping her love for kissing doesn't carry over into her teenage years! :)

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