#973 - Back door

The Back Door

So I realize this seems like an odd thing to be thankful for. Follow me for a second. Baby girl is very clingy these days. I don't know if it's teething - she is working on some large molars on the top - or her age, but if she's placed on the floor (because remember, she's still not walking), most of the time she will whine and fuss about not being held. EXCEPT when she's at the back door! Why? Because that's where she can sit and watch our dog, Mac - her current obsession. I sometimes feel like our back door is part of a zoo exhibit. She sits there and points, talks to Mac, touches the glass, etc. But, like I said, this is the only place in the house at this point that she's content to sit alone. Bring on the zoo!

Please excuse the dirty window

The funny thing, too, is that Mac will "perform" for her. He runs all over the porch and back yard when he knows she's watching. Every now and then he comes to the window and that freaks her out a bit. She's more of a gaze-at-a-distance type of girl.

She will not let me pass by the back door or the window in the kitchen (which looks into the backyard) without stopping to see where Mac is at that moment. She'll then wave (even if he's nowhere to be found) and say, "Maa" (hasn't quite caught onto the "K" sound, yet). Here's a little example in the video below.

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