#974 - Fun with my girl

Girl's Night

Daniel recently began spending time at our local community college's BSM (Baptist Student Ministries). He goes on Wednesdays at lunch and just hangs out with the students, trying to build relationships and encourage those he encounters. Tonight the BSM sponsored a pancake breakfast (for dinner) since it's midterms week. Daniel and Riley headed out to the college around 4, so it was just the girls at home tonight.

We took a walk around the neighborhood, played some at the park, ate dinner at home and then played around the house. Here we are getting ready to slide at the playground. It's a wide slide, so we were able to sit side-by-side (and I held on very tightly to Ella) while we slid down. As you can imagine, we did it over and over. :) There's nothing like hearing the sweet girl laugh, though!

I'm thankful for one-on-one time I can spend with my kids!

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