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Community Bible Study

 Today (and every day, really) I am thankful for Community Bible Study. I was introduced to this incredible Bible study family 3 years ago when we moved to Hughes Springs, and I am SO thankful! The closest CBS to us meets in Mt. Pleasant, so every Thursday morning we load up the car at 8:45 and drive 35 minutes to the church where we meet. Not only do I love CBS, but the kiddos do, too! They are both in age-appropriate classes that actually follow a curriculum, rather than just babysitting them. They learn memory verses, hear Bible stories, sing songs, do crafts, and of course, play, play, and play some more! The teachers begin teaching reverence for the Bible at as young as 12-months. Ella already knows to pat the Bible (that's how they teach them how special it is), and the other day she found Riley's Bible in the living room and on her own began patting it. That brought tears to my eyes!

Today was our last day of study for the year. Next Thursday I'll go to an adult's only "Share Day," in which we'll get to share what the Lord has taught us this past year, but Riley and Ella finished up today. We're always sad when a year of CBS comes to a close. It really is such a highlight of our week! I would strongly encourage you to look at the CBS website (link above) and find a class close to you. In fact, my mom came to visit last November, and she loved our CBS so much that she went home and found a class close to her in Maryland! She now goes every Thursday morning up there while we're going down here! It truly is life transforming!

Since today was the children's last day, they shared a special performance with us at the end of the morning. This was Ella's first time to be on stage, and as you'll see in the video, this girl didn't have an ounce of stage fright! Riley & Ella were on opposite ends of the stage, so I had to keep panning back and forth to catch them both in action.

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