14 months

While we were gone this past week, our big boy turned 14 months! Daniel makes fun of me because I celebrate every month of his life, but at his age, months are a big deal! I mean, I'm thankful for every second the Lord allows us to have with Riley...it takes A LOT of seconds to add up to a month! :) Anyway, it's amazing to look back over the past year and see how much he's grown and all he's learning. Here are some highlights of his life right now:

*he can say dada, mama, bye (always said like a question), nigh nigh, ma (when he wants more), bus, bite, Bubba (one of his adopted grandfathers in the church), Ya Ya (just said this for the first time yesterday, Ya Ya!)
*he loves to drink water, and I am so thankful!
*he's a talker! just this week he started talking with his mouth closed...maybe he'll be a ventriloquist one day?!
*he still takes 2 naps a day (thank you, Lord!)
*he loves to play (I use the term "play" loosely) the piano
*he will dance to any beat - the washing machine, his highchair rocking because it's on a crack in the floor, a song, etc.)
*he believes his daddy hung the moon, and I agree with him!
*if he starts to throw a fit, I can sing "Jesus Loves Me" and he'll calm down
*he's taking steps on his own, and I know it won't be long before he's running all over the house
*I can ask him what sound a sheep makes and he'll say "baa"
*He still has a great love for cell phones

Of course, being that I'm his mother, I could go on and on about my brilliant child, but I'll stop for now. :) Like I said earlier, I'm just so thankful he's a healthy, growing boy. Daniel and I give all honor and glory to our Lord, knowing that he deserves ALL of the credit for our son! Thank you, Father, for entrusting Riley to us. We know that You love him more than we ever could, and we need Your guidance as we continue attempting to raise him to know and love You! Thank You, in advance, for the plan and purpose you have for his life! We trust You!

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