Road trip!

I have never gone anywhere overnight without Riley. Starting tomorrow, that will change! Daniel and I are leaving tomorrow to take 6 of our senior adults from church to Glorieta, New Mexico. We are very excited about the trip, being that neither of us have ever been to Glorieta and we hear it's gorgeous! I'm also excited that I won't have to cook, clean, change a diaper, pick up food off of the floor, etc. for a week! However, I am feeling pretty sad that we're leaving the little man behind. I know he'll be in GREAT hands - Daniel's grandmother and aunt are on their way right now - but I'm still going to miss hearing him talk, watching him attempt to walk, hearing him say, "bye bye dada!", and so much more! Please pray for us as we travel the 15+ hours to and from Glorieta. Pray, also, for a restful week for both Daniel and I. It's been a CRAZY summer, and we both need some down time. We should have internet access while we're there, so I'll attempt to update the blog. Thanks for praying!

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