The Big 3-0

As I mentioned yesterday, Daniel turned 30! He had to work all day, but last night the entire church threw him a birthday party. We couldn't believe how many people came and there was SO MUCH food! FBC Hughes Springs truly knows the meaning of 'potluck'!

A couple of months ago I asked a sweet lady in our church to make a cake for the party. I knew she was really good at cakes, but she outdid herself on this one! Take a look at his cake...

I am not exaggerating when I say that this is an exact replica of his old Ford truck ("wood" bed and everything)!

We were blown away when we saw this!

Look at the license plate!

Riley would have given anything to have gotten his hands on that fun truck! :)

Yesterday the staff went to lunch at a little bistro in town, and Daniel saw this wash basin in the store that houses the bistro. He immediately felt like he needed it (of course!). The church secretary and custodian worked their magic and made sure it was one of his presents. Look what they filled it with...

If you know anything about Daniel, you know he LOVES cereal!

One of the sunday school classes gave him this life jacket because he's been talking about wanting to learn how to water ski, but he doesn't know how to swim! He asked if he could expect a boat for his birthday next year! Ha! One of the ladies said, "no, next year is the rope...you have to be here a long time for a boat!"

What an amazingly, loving group of people! We are constantly blown away by the church members' thoughtfulness and kindness. I know Daniel had a wonderful birthday, and we're both so grateful we could be here in Hughes Springs to celebrate such a memorable year! We love you, FBC Hughes Springs!!!

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  1. THe cake is AMAZING! WHat a fun party!