Dennis Jernigan

Have you ever sung or heard "You Are My All in All" or "Thank You, Lord"? These two songs and thousands (literally) of other worship songs were written by Dennis Jernigan. I was introduced to his music when I began working at Florida GA/Acteens Camp in 1998. Our director used many of his songs during our staff devotion times, and in future years we used some for dramas performed for our campers. If you aren't familiar with Dennis' story, click on his name above and you'll be directed to his website. You can find out more about him and the ways God has delivered him. He has a POWERFUL testimony!

So fast forward to February 2010 when Daniel and our music minister, Lee, were standing in our sanctuary one day listening to one of Dennis' songs. Daniel blurted out, "why don't we see if he'll come here?!" Lee replied, "Where? To our church? Ha! He wouldn't come to Hughes Springs!" Daniel (being the dreamer that he is) said, "Let's call and find out. What's the worst he could do? Say no?" So, that began the quest for bringing Dennis to little ol' Hughes Springs, TX. He was more than willing to come, and he came last weekend to lead us in two nights of worship! Needless to say, Daniel (who has also listened to his music for a while also) and I were just a little excited about getting to meet him!

The worship experiences were amazing! I'm still in shock that he came, we hung out with him, and he ushered us into the presence of the Lord. We were also able to meet his wife and parents--an extra treat! Below are a few pictures of our God-ordained weekend!

Dennis with the staff
(L to R: Cody (youth minister) & Krystle Moore (and baby Joshua who was born the NEXT day!), Dennis Jernigan, Lee (music minister) & Jeannie Mars, and Daniel & I)

Here I am with Dennis and his wife, Melinda

If you ever have the opportunity to hear him in person, I would HIGHLY recommend it! He is a man anointed by God, and every day the Lord uses him to speak truth into people's lives. I'm so thankful for his obedience and willingness to use his God-given talents for HIS glory!

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