Bye Bye Bottle!

One of my least favorite parts of mommyhood so far has been washing bottles. It's not a difficult task, but it's one that is ALWAYS there waiting to be done. I can remember so many nights finishing cleaning the kitchen after dinner and then looking over and seeing the bucket o' bottles just staring me in the face. There was a day when I had a bottle-washer helper, but he slowly weaned himself off of the responsibility...how do men get to do that?!?! :) Anyway, around Riley's 9-month mark I began counting down to the day when I would no longer have to wash bottles. "3 more months, Laura...you can do it!" For some reason I thought Riley would magically quit taking his bottles when he turned 1. Ha! About 2 weeks before his 1st birthday, we were still on 4 bottles a day...

I realized it was time to take action! He did really well because in those next two weeks we went from 4 bottles to just 1 in the morning. I tried really hard to get him off of that one, but he was not having it! So we decided to wait. The week I tried to wean him completely, he fought back with just taking one nap a day. I was definitely not ready for that, so I said, "take the bottle! have it as long as you want as long as you'll take 2 naps!!!" It worked, and for the next couple weeks he enjoyed his morning bottle. During that time, though, he became very proficient with drinking milk from his sippy cup at every other meal. So last week, I went out on a limb and gave him his sippy cup for breakfast one day. We haven't looked back since, and he's still taking 2 naps a day! Yay!!! The bottles and drying rack are safely tucked away in his closet, and I am SO happy! :)

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