Ferocious or Friendly?

*Let me begin this post by reporting that all those living in the Bramlett household are feeling much better and just about back to normal (whatever that is!). Daniel has a few more days on an antibiotic, and then we should be medicine-free! Thank you so much for your prayers!

I had no clue what Riley was going to be for Halloween until a few weeks before when I received a call from Daniel's mom. She asked if we had a costume for him yet, and I said no and that we really hadn't decided on one. She then told me she'd found one and wanted to send it to us. It took .2 seconds for me to say, "yes, we would love for him to be a lion!" :) Anytime a grandparent offers to send something you thought you were going to have to buy, you're dumb not to take them up on their offer! Plus, I saw a picture of the costume while she was in the store, and it was adorable! Are you ready to see the cutest lion ever?!

I just knew that he would hate having the hood on his head, but he was completely content with it! He never once tried to pull it off. Such a good lion! :) Here we are on our way to the town's trunk or treat.
I was just looking back at last year's Halloween post...what a difference a year makes! We stuck with the African animal theme, though, and I love that! :) Doesn't he look oh so ferocious?!
Walking around at the trunk or treat.
This is my hands-down favorite pic (taken by Krystle, by the way) from the weekend. Here's Dorothy (Abigail - 24 days older than Riley) and the Lion. I printed this one and it will be going in a frame very soon!
Not only was Riley a great sport Saturday night, but he wore his costume again Sunday night for our church's fall festival. Family pic before heading to the festival. (notice my African shirt...yes, that was intentional)
I just love him!
My two boys...so thankful for them!
So, after seeing all of the pictures, what would you say? Ferocious or Friendly?! I may be biased, but I think the answer's pretty obvious. :)


  1. I would definitely say that Riley is the cutest, friendliest Lion that I've ever seen! Miss yall!

  2. Such a cutie!! Looks like you guys had fun!!