Go Mustangs!

One aspect of living in a small town that I'm still getting used to is there only being one high school. Not only is there just one high school, but there's one middle school and one elementary. Oh, and they are all 3 located on the same property. VERY different from the way I grew up in the city! In Jacksonville, FL, where I spent most of my growing up years and all of high school, we had a bagillion (I know, that's probably not a word) different high schools. All of my close friends from church didn't even go to my school. Anyway, I love that there's just one school here because the entire town supports the Mustang football team. And I do mean ENTIRE town.

This year our team (still getting used to saying "our", also) has been really good! In fact, they are undefeated 2A district champs! Tonight they are traveling to Lindale, TX (close to Tyler) to play in the first round of the championship playoffs. Riley and I will not be attending because it's an hour away and doesn't start until 7:30, but Daniel is going. This afternoon when Riley and I were out for a walk, I noticed one way that the community is supporting the team. It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but there are signs and balloons all along the road where the school is located. The signs are placed in such a way that when the buses pull out of the school driveway and head toward Lindale, the players and coaches will be able to read these signs all the way down the road.

I'm a little overemotional right now anyway, but this really almost brought tears to my eyes! It definitely made me proud to live here. Go Mustangs!!!

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