Baking with my Boy
Riley has always loved to help in the kitchen. Last week a friend posted a link to some cookies I decided I needed to try. I mean, who can resist a name like I want to marry you cookies? So when Riley saw me pulling out ingredients yesterday morning, he naturally wanted to be involved in whatever was being created in the kitchen. 

The first step was to melt 2 sticks of butter in a saucepan. I moved a kitchen chair over to the stove so he could stand on it and watch the butter melt. I've never done anything like that before (putting a chair there for him, not melting the butter), so when he stood up on it he looked around and said, "Wow! Look how much I can see up here! I'm so high!" :) It's the little things, right? Anyway, he loved watching the butter melt and then he helped me stir in the sugars (brown and white) once the butter was completely melted.

Then it was time to head over to the counter where we added all of the other ingredients.

He felt the need to sniff :)
And these, of course, were our favorite ingredients to add...a little sampling of both the white and dark chocolate may have taken place...shh, don't tell daddy!

And about the name of the cookies. They are good cookies, I'll admit. However, I felt (and Daniel agreed) that the name may have set them up to be a little better than they are. They definitely aren't as easy as just plain old chocolate chip cookies, yet they taste very similar. I'd encourage you to try them if you're curious, and I'm thankful for the memories made with my favorite little boy, but I think we'll be sticking with our tried and true chocolate chip recipe from now on.

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