Visits from Ya Ya

Ya Ya (Daniel's mom) lives a short 3 hours away in Little Rock. I say 'short' because before moving there a year ago, she lived in Clarksville, TN, a long 9 hours away! Now she (or we) just hop on I-30 and are at each others houses in no time. This weekend she was sweet enough to come down Friday morning so Daniel and I could have an extended date Friday afternoon and evening.
The kids had a blast playing with her outside. Unlike today, it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday!

They both LOVE to laugh!

 Clearing up a traffic jam

Ella was having trouble pushing herself around on the little bus, so Riley had the smart idea to get behind her and push her along. Such a sweet and thoughtful big brother!

I even got some video of it!

We're very thankful for Ya Ya and the time we can spend with her!

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