Big Brothers

I have a big brother. He's about 4 1/2 years older than me and has always been very protective.
I can remember getting really annoyed with his protectiveness when I was little - you know, wanting to be Miss Independent. However, on more than one occasion his protective nature saved my life. For instance, the time in the McDonald's parking lot when I did not look both ways before crossing and if it weren't for him probably would have been hit by that car coming straight for me. Obviously, God knew I needed a big brother.

And I feel the same for Ella. Today as they were riding this fun motorcycle at the school playground, Riley looked at Ella and said, "It's okay, Ella. I'll take care of you!"

And I believe he meant it! Sure, they struggle with sharing toys (as all children their age do), and occasionally there's some obvious jealousy as to who sits closest to Mama or Daddy, but for the most part, Riley and Ella are b.f.f.'s. As I watched them play today, I couldn't help but pray that Ella's big brother will always want to protect and care for her - AND that she'll let him!

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