First trip to Wally World

This past Saturday we introduced Riley to the massive, wonderful world of Wal-Mart! He knew this was a special occasion, so he wanted to get cutified (pretty sure that's not a word) for it.

Ready to go!

He fell asleep on the way there and then slept for the first 30 minutes of the shopping experience. He woke up somewhere around the cereal aisle...so appropriate! :)

Riley's not a huge fan of his carseat, so after he woke up and realized where he was, it didn't take long for him to want OUT! Thankfully, we thought ahead and brought the baby bjorn with us...which he loves! Here we are outside Wal-Mart with a happy baby and a buggy full of groceries.

I realized Saturday night when I was thinking back on the day that you know you're the parent of a 3-month-old when a trip to Wal-Mart is the highlight of your day! :)

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