Where is Fall?

Oh, that's right...I live in the swamp! We had such nice weather last week that I almost forgot where I lived. Why was I shocked this morning when I walked outside and felt as though I was walking into a hot steamy shower? I'm pretty convinced there is no such thing as 'fall' in South Louisiana. But, we'll keep on pretending with our football games, pumpkins, fall colors, and warm bowls of chili...no bitterness here...NONE! :)

This past Saturday we decided to load up and head west to show Daniel's grandmother some of the beautiful plantation homes on the Mighty Mississippi. This was Riley's first out-of-town trip in the car, and he didn't seem to be much of a fan. We're definitely going to have to work on that over the next couple of months, because we're headed to Tennessee and Arkansas for Christmas. If he doesn't like his car seat by then, it's going to make for a VERY LONG trip for mommy and daddy! :)

Getting ready to head out the door...except the hat wasn't allowed to go with us (per daddy's orders)

Daddy's quote: "my son is not wearing a bonnet!" I tried to explain this wasn't a bonnet, but realized after 2 minutes of arguing that this was just not a battle I was willing to fight that day!

So the hat stayed home, but the cow came with us! Riley is having a staring contest with Mr. Cow

Riley and his resident entertainer :) Needless to say, I was pretty tired by the end of the trip!

I am very thankful we forked out the money for this mirror! He loves looking at himself, and it even plays music if we want it to (thankfully, we have the choice as to how loud and how long the music plays...it's a bit obnoxious at times!)

We stopped at St. Joseph Plantation at 4:15...the last tour started at 4:00. :) We still had a nice time walking around the outside of the large home. This is a small schoolhouse on the property.

Daniel said this was where they boiled the sugar cane...sounds good to me!

How hilarious is this?! My big-eyed boys!

Riley's starting to fade...

Definitely had to get a feeding in before heading home

The results of a full belly and long afternoon

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